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Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE? platform, BIOVIA? provides global, collaborative product lifecycle experiences to transform scientific innovation

BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific management environment that can help science-based organizations create and connect biological, chemical and material innovations to improve the way we live.

The industry-leading BIOVIA portfolio is focused on integrating the diversity of science, experimental processes and information requirements end-to-end across research, development, QA/QC and manufacturing. Capabilities over the areas of Scientific Informatics, Molecular Modeling/Simulation, Data Science, Laboratory Informatics, Formulation Design, BioPharma Quality & Compliance and Manufacturing Analytics.

BIOVIA is committed to enhancing and speeding innovation, increasing productivity, improving quality and compliance, reducing costs and accelerating product development for customers in multiple industries.

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  • Biopharma Quality and Compliance
  • Data Science
  • Formulations Design
  • Laboratory Informatics
  • Manufacturing Analytics
  • Molecular Modeling and Simulation
  • Scientific Informatics

Moving from data-blind, fragmented silos to knowledgeable, collaborative enterprises in the Life Sciences, CPG, Energy/Materials, High Tech and Aerospace/Defense industries requires new experiential technologies propelled by 3DEXPERIENCE, the Cloud, Digital Innovation and Big Data Analytics.

Jason Benedict CEO, BIOVIA brand of Dassault Systèmes and Vice President of R&D

Key Features & Benefits

  • Manage and connect scientific innovation processes and information across the product lifecycle
  • Create enterprise-wide intelligence that helps reduce cycle times and time to market
  • Use modeling, simulation and predictive analytics for in-silico design and selection of molecules, biologics, materials and formulations
  • Streamline data access and reporting across the enterprise for knowledge-based decision making
  • Facilitate collaboration, internally and externally to access, organize, analyze, and share information
  • Capture, access and share consistent data from a single source of truth for better process and product quality
  • Accelerate compliant product and process development from research through QA/QC

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    The BIOVIA User Communities provide a common global forum for beginners, experts and everyone in between to pose questions, share ideas and network.

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    BIOVIA experts analyze industry trends, share what’s on their mind and want to hear from you.

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