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DELMIA Communities

DELMIA User Communities are your connection to people, content and apps.

Join our communities, blogs and forums to discuss your challenges and share tips and tricks with your peers. DELMIA provides a 3DEXPERIENCE of global production systems for all stakeholders in the extended supply chain.
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DELMIA’s Planning & Optimization Community brings together customers and colleagues interested in planning and optimization. The community provides an information exchange platform for anyone who uses DELMIA Quintiq and DELMIA Ortems to ask questions, share best practices and expertise. Join the conversation - like, comment, post and feel free to share with your colleagues so they can get involved too!

Ask, learn, share, explore and search for answers in 3DEXPERIENCE Fabrication domain. You can blog and share interests in fabrication solution evolution that you or your company would like to see on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

The DELMIA Manufacturing Operations Management Community provides a place for you to interact with other users to share knowledge, answer questions and find information to get the most from your solution. Topics range from product announcements and updates, technical discussions and sharing of best practices.

The DELMIA Manufacturing Planning Community covers all aspects of the collaborative design and manufacturing planning process. Whether you're a Senior Process Planner, Industrial Engineer, Product Designer, Program Leader, Student, Professor or just interested in this domain, you'll find this community a unique and common source of information on manufacturing planning.

DELMIA's Robotics Community provides a number of interactive ways for robot programmers and simulation engineers to share and learn with others. Explore our blog posts, read and post your ideas and participate in iQuestions to learn tips and tricks about robotics. Share and download DELMIA Robotic simuations, 3D models and more. Plus, you'll learn about the latest product features coming in new release directly from R&D.

Exchange information and ideas based on your experience with DELMIA Operations Intelligence products. Quality Specialists facing challenges of understanding the truth behind manufacturing data to predict and optimize complex operations will benefit from this community. This is where you can get the latest news on Enterprise Intelligence, tips and tricks, and much more.

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